A happy and thriving young boy, Farid has been in remission since February 2017!

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Farid’s story

Farid was a happy and thriving baby; Ahmed and Sherine celebrated every milestone with him and were always amazed by his appetite! He was a healthy toddler and would choose carrots and cucumber over anything else. At three years old, Farid began to have regular temperatures, but he’d take paracetamol and they’d go away. He was still a happy and sociable little boy; he made friends easily and welcomed his new baby sister into the world. 

Some months later, as Farid and his family were settling into their new life in Sunderland, Farid became unwell with vomiting. When Sherine lifted him the following day, she felt a small lump on Farid’s left side and it was moving. 

Ahmed and Sherine contacted their GP, who said it was nothing to worry about because it was moving and that it could be an infection. The next day Farid felt fine so went back to nursery, but Ahmed noticed that he was having difficulty walking normally. 

That same evening, they knew something was really wrong when Farid was unable to move from his chair to go to the toilet. Farid knew too and told his dad he wanted a doctor. Ahmed called an ambulance; when it arrived, Farid was vomiting. The family were rushed to their local hospital in Sunderland where they did an ultrasound and blood tests, which showed that Farid was anaemic. At the hospital, Sherine and Ahmed were given the devastating news that Farid had a big mass on his abdomen – it was 20cm x 11cm.  

“We were in total shock. We knew something was wrong but never expected this. It’s not something you think about as a parent. The medical team showed me how to use my hands to feel Farid’s abdomen and I could feel the mass. It was heart-breaking.”

Sherine, Farid’s mum

When the family were referred to Newcastle, doctors confirmed that the mass in Farid’s abdomen was cancer, and likely a Wilms tumour, which would necessitate Farid losing a kidney. 

Over the next 2 weeks, further scans and tests followed and Farid was diagnosed with stage 3 high-risk neuroblastoma. Following Farid’s diagnosis, everything changed for the family and Ahmed’s mother flew to England to take care of his baby sister.  

Farid went on to have very successful surgery and intensive therapy, and amazingly has been in remission since February 2017. 

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