500 miles for Bibi

I'm fundraising in support of six-year-old Bibi who is fighting neuroblastoma, a rare and aggressive childhood cancer.

Fundraising total£1,953.80

Why I'm fundraising

Our family are doing our best to walk/run/swim/cycle 500 miles in April, to support Bibi and her family. 500 miles is a big target for us as we aren't the most active of families (understatement) and some of us have significant mobility challenges, so please donate if you can. 

Most of all, please donate so that Bibi can access this treatment that she really, really needs. Thank you.

Donate to Kath's fundraising page

A donation to Kath's fundraising page could help Bibi keep fighting the disease through a potentially life-saving clinical trial in Rome.

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Meet Bibi

Six year old Bibi was diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma in 2018, at two and a half years old. Bibi’s family are urgently fundraising to raise £200,000 for Bibi to be treated using CAR T cell therapy in Rome with the hope of getting Bibi back into remission again. This trial is currently not available on the NHS.

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