Hornchurch to Marrakech via many places

I'm fundraising in support of the Isla Caton Fund with Solving Kids’ Cancer UK, which was set up in memory of beautiful Isla.

Fundraising total£8,013.93

Why I'm fundraising

Hi, I am Isla Caton's dad and I am driving a 58-plate yellow Saab from Hornchurch in Essex to Africa on the 22nd of December. This trip is unsupported and totally funded by myself, 100 per cent of the money raised will go to Isla's fund to help find a cure for neuroblastoma.

I will be going to France, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland, then back into France and onto the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital where Isla spent 2 and half years receiving treatment.

I will then drive to Sitges, the place where we lived and loved whilst in Spain, and then down to Alicante to visit lots of people that helped us to fundraise. The next stop is the Sierra Nevada mountain range and then to Marbella, across the ferry to Africa and on to Marrakesh. I'll then turn around and drive back through Portugal, Spain then into France on my way back to Essex.

This is approx. 4500 miles in total and I hope to be back in the UK by the 6th of Jan 2023. Wish me luck everyone and keep the sponsorship coming. This cancer is extremely deadly and needs money to fund trials that will hopefully one day find a cure to this nightmare of a disease. Thank you for all your support.

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A donation to Michael's fundraising page and the Isla Caton Fund will help fund pioneering and innovative neuroblastoma research in support of children like Isla.

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The Isla Caton Fund

The Isla Caton Fund has been set up in memory of beautiful Isla who loved to sing and dance. Funds raised through the Isla Caton Fund, together with those transferred to Solving Kids' Cancer UK which had been raised for Isla's access to treatment before she passed away, are being dedicated to funding innovative neuroblastoma research for better and safer treatments for children like Isla, now and in the future.

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Donations and comments

Marie Wardell£30.60

Donated on: 25th January 2023

Well Done Michael - you did Isla and Family proud - I am donating today on Isla's Anniversary - she was an inspiration to me and thousands of others - brave brave girl - Twinkle Little Star - Essex will never forget your gorgeous smile. Love Maria Rod and Sarah

David Follett £50.00

Donated on: 21st January 2023

Jackie Hook£75.00

Donated on: 15th January 2023

Isla was my nephews little girl Isla who he loved so much and I am proud of him doing this Jackie Hook


Donated on: 12th January 2023


Donated on: 12th January 2023

Co op team

Jane Courtney £10.20

Donated on: 11th January 2023

Your daughter would be so proud x

Mario Ttakoushis£50.00

Donated on: 10th January 2023


Donated on: 9th January 2023

Hi Michael, You are a courageous Father and I'm really proud of you! Thank you for sharing your story with us. I saw your post on the Regional ITN News just before Christmas 2022 where you were raising the awareness of neuroblastoma. I wish you all the best with your fund raising efforts and I know that you will eventually make your target. Sincere regards,


Donated on: 8th January 2023

Congratulations! No. 93 x


Donated on: 7th January 2023


Donated on: 7th January 2023

You made it !!!

Joanne Martin£10.20

Donated on: 6th January 2023

Well done Mike, done Isla proud Joanne Martin x

Andy Rothery£20.00

Donated on: 3rd January 2023

Michelle Robinson £10.20

Donated on: 3rd January 2023

Amazing what you are doing in your daughter memeories , she with you ever step the way and so so proud ??

Errol Buckeridge£20.40

Donated on: 2nd January 2023

Well done mate ??????

Debbie Stone£5.10

Donated on: 2nd January 2023

Cindy Plom£10.20

Donated on: 2nd January 2023

Chandni Patel£30.00

Donated on: 2nd January 2023

Your daughter will be proud! Chandni


Donated on: 2nd January 2023

Jayde Clowting £10.00

Donated on: 1st January 2023

Well done x x x

Heather Swainson£20.00

Donated on: 1st January 2023

It's very credible that in grieving for the loss of your beautiful daughter, you are trying to support others who are also battling this awful disease. Good luck to you

Neill Pawsey£20.40

Donated on: 31st December 2022

Michelle Vallis£5.00

Donated on: 31st December 2022

Danny Littlechild£100.00

Donated on: 31st December 2022

Amazing journey Michael. And Isla was an amazing little lady. Dan and The Jay Harmer Foundation xx


Donated on: 31st December 2022

You have done amazing

Rachel Dickinson£8.93

Donated on: 30th December 2022

For Isla ??

Paul Lucas£8.16

Donated on: 30th December 2022

Customer from cms

Mariella Panther£30.00

Donated on: 29th December 2022

Safe travels

Ash Taylor £10.20

Donated on: 29th December 2022

Princess Isla ????

Andrew McMillan £20.40

Donated on: 29th December 2022

Hope you reach your target x