TGG Jude to Rome

I’m fundraising in support of four year old Jude who is fighting neuroblastoma, a rare and aggressive childhood cancer.

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Why I'm fundraising

I first heard of Jude when a friend asked me to help out with some balloons for his fundraising birthday. Ever since, I’ve followed his journey. We know he has a chance of treatment in Rome and I want to help make that happen. Please only donate here if you want to make a one off donation. We have teamed up with local services to offer a raffle so you can win some amazing prizes.

Please DO NOT pay into here to buy your raffle tickets. We will inform you of how to pay for your tickets shortly so we can take any appropriate costs off. We also need to register the raffle first so please wait!

Here are the prizes so far:
From The Garden Getaway:
@thegardengetaway_ on IG
•Celebration Balloon stack or celebration helium balloon worth up to £40.
•Event Decor voucher - price TBC.
•Cinema Igloo Package worth £249.
•Boho Picnic set up with igloo worth £229.

From Doc Till You Drop.
@doctillyoudrop on IG
• DR Martens and other vintage clothing and accessories.

From Beauty by Maxine Nichola Holland
@maxinenicholaholland on IG
• Hydra Facial Session worth £80.

From Brideys Lash Coven
@brideyslashcoven on IG
• ANY full set of lashes.

From Inspired Hire/Finishing Flourishes:

From AC Bakes cake maker

From Emily Simms at Equilux Equestrian

The Garden Getaway and other Businesses

Donate to Samantha's fundraising page

A donation to Samantha''s fundraising page could help Jude access potentially life-saving treatment in the future that is not available through the NHS.

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Meet Jude

Jude is a dinosaur and animal-loving four-year-old who has warmed the hearts of so many with his smile. In July 2021, he was diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma, a rare and aggressive childhood cancer that has a 40-50% chance of long-term survival at diagnosis. Jude completed treatment in November 2022, but sadly his cancer returned - he had significant disease on his brain, around his neck and in the whole length of his spine.

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Donated on: 19th April 2023