Hannah's Heroes Fund

Hannah’s Heroes Fund has been created in honour of beautiful Hannah Edwards by her mum, Clare, in support of other children and their families.

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Hannah’s story 

Hannah was diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma in 2003 at just three years old. After completing frontline treatment Hannah entered remission. However, shortly before Christmas 2006, Hannah relapsed and began further treatment. She appeared to be responding well to treatment but sadly in 2009, scans showed disease progression and on the 20th of January 2010, Hannah passed away. 

Hannah, forever 9, forever beautiful, forever missed. 

"Hannah was a force to be reckoned with from the moment she was born. A precious gift who spread fun, laughter and love wherever she went. With impeccable comedic timing and wit beyond her years she touched the lives of everyone she met. Her positivity, generosity of spirit and love for the world and everything and everyone in it will not be extinguished as long as I live."

Clare, Hannah's mum

Hannah’s legacy 

Hannah’s mum, Clare first became involved with Solving Kids’ Cancer UK in 2004 and has been incredibly supportive of the charity ever since; Clare also became a Solving Kids' Cancer UK Ambassador in 2020. 

Hannah’s Heroes was set up in 2016 to continue to raise awareness of neuroblastoma in memory of Hannah and to fund better research options. Clare and Hannah’s Heroes have taken on several challenging events over the years in Hannah’s memory including, the Bath Half Marathon, Brighton Half Marathon, Leicester Marathon, Tunbridge Wells Circular Walk, a Half Ironman, Triathlons, the 3 Peaks Challenge, The Thames Path Challenge, Swim Serpentine and much more!  

In September 2020, during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Hannah’s Heroes took on the Butterfly Relay – collectively running, swimming and walking over 2,000 miles to raise awareness of neuroblastoma. Clare and Hannah’s Heroes went on to inspire Solving Kids’ Cancer UK’s Butterfly Relay 2021. It started in May, the month Hannah would have turned 21 and ended in September, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Over 230 people took part, travelling 115,642km to raise awareness of neuroblastoma and raise vital funds. Follow Hannah's Heroes on social media.

“Over the years, with the amazing support I've had, I've created and taken part in many events to raise awareness and funds for Solving Kids’ Cancer UK. I want to support families with a neuroblastoma diagnosis to improve the prognosis and ultimately find a cure for this cruel and devastating disease. Hannah always wanted to help the other children on the ward when she was an inpatient and when she was well enough, she'd take part in events herself.

She never stopped so neither should I and now feels the right time to consolidate all that the amazing Hannah's Heroes have done into a Named Fund in Hannah's memory. Hannah's Heroes is a thriving community and with the strong foundation of Solving Kids’ Cancer UK as our support I know we can become a force to be reckoned with, just like Hannah.”

Clare, Hannah’s mum

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A donation to the Hannah’s Heroes Fund will help fund innovative neuroblastoma research to enable children like Hannah to beat neuroblastoma.

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Terms and conditions 

Funds raised through Hannah's Heroes are designated to the areas of spend chosen by the family and are currently designated to the funding of research grants, research-related activities of the charity in accordance with Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) guidelines and support costs.

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Adam Barrett£45.00

Donated on: 26th April 2024

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Donated on: 26th April 2024

Go Clare. Bring out your Victoria Wood xxx

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Donated on: 26th April 2024

Swim like a fish Clare!

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Donated on: 10th July 2022

You are awesome Clare xx


Donated on: 19th June 2022

In memory of Hannah, gone but not forgotten and Clare Andrew for all the amazing fundraising she does


Donated on: 31st May 2022


Donated on: 30th May 2022

Well done Clare . Love Susie x


Donated on: 30th May 2022

Well done on the bike ride Clare. As amazing as ever and Hannah was there with you all the way'lots of love Mich'le


Donated on: 29th May 2022


Donated on: 29th May 2022

As always, I'm in total awe of you Clare. ?? xx


Donated on: 28th May 2022

We are so proud of you Clare and send all our best wishes for tomorrow as you take on the Ride for London. All our love from Mum and Dad xxx


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Go Clare! Xxx


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Donated on: 27th May 2022

Go CD! xxx


Donated on: 27th May 2022

Always my hero and inspiration, keep being awesome, C. Merryn.