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Hayley was a very happy and funny little girl - she never let her disease get in the way of having fun! Bright, kind and cheeky, she had the best sense of humour and love for life. Hayley passed away when she was seven years old after a three-year fight.

Hayley’s story  

Initially, it was Hayley’s sister, Jessica, who caused the family great concern when she was diagnosed with stage 4s neuroblastoma as a baby. Thankfully, at the point Hayley became unwell, Jessica was 5 years post-treatment and in remission. 

It was just before her 4th birthday that Hayley started complaining that her legs hurt, then later she said that she had a sore tummy. After many visits to the GP and several hospital tests, she was diagnosed with stage 4 high-risk neuroblastoma. 

Hayley’s frontline treatment included 8 cycles of chemotherapy – treatment that didn’t have the desired effect on her cancer, so it was switched to a different chemotherapy combination called TVD. After this, Hayley had radiotherapy and then immunotherapy.  

Hayley’s parents, Brian and Zoe, said Hayley handled her treatment - as well as all tests, scans, pokes and prods - like an absolute star. She was incredibly brave, and they were very proud. 

Sadly, despite all the intensive treatment received, residual disease remained and there was further disease progression. Beyond this, there was no more treatment planned because of the impact of previous treatment on Hayley’s bone marrow function.  

Hayley passed away on 15th September 2018.   

"We are completely heartbroken but would like to thank you all for supporting Hayley through everything she has been through and hope you will always remember her and keep her in your hearts."

Hayley’s family

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Donate in loving memory

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