Jake rang the bell at Great Ormond Street Hospital in 2019! Since then, his family say he's been living his best boring and uneventful life (medically speaking!). Jake is now nine years old, loves playing the drums, going to Cubs and following Man United!

"Jake deals remarkably well with everything that is thrown at him, and he has a happy positive outlook on life. We are lucky that he is no different from any other young boy in that respect."

Jake’s mum and dad, Hannah and Adam

Jake’s story  

Jake was in treatment for just over two years. He started on the standard treatment protocol for neuroblastoma and had eight rounds of chemotherapy. Not responding sufficiently, he was given two rounds of a different chemotherapy, but the story was the same and progress wasn’t to the level needed. 

This meant additional chemotherapy for Jake and MIBG therapy at University College London Hospitals, which involved spending three weeks in a lead-lined room in radioactive isolation. 

Jake also spent seven weeks at Great Ormond Street Hospital for high-dose chemotherapy where a complication with his liver meant that his waistline expanded by over 12cm. 

Jake also had immunotherapy over a period of six months, surgery to remove his tumour and kidney and radiotherapy. 

Since immunotherapy treatment in March 2019, fantastically, Jake has remained ‘no evidence of disease’.  

Solving Kids' Cancer UK's children's fundraising campaigns 

Jake's fundraising campaign for access to treatment raised £271,142 before it was closed. Funds raised through a child's fundraising campaign are spent on their treatment and pastoral needs. Any remaining funds, and all funds raised after five years post the end of the child's treatment, are used to support other children and families through Solving Kids' Cancer UK's activities.