Smiles for Stanley Fund

Stanley’s parents, Sarah and Paul created the Smiles for Stanley Fund to raise funds for pioneering research in memory of their gorgeous son.

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Stanley's story

Sarah and Paul describe Stanley as a smiley, giggly, cheeky little toddler who loved to be outdoors; loved animals and food; and who lived life at one hundred miles an hour! 

Stanley fought high-risk neuroblastoma since he was 18 months old but despite intensive treatment and a brave battle, his parents say this cruel disease sadly took him from them, too soon. 

In his last few weeks, he experienced many of his favourite things; meeting Paw Patrol, going to the zoo in a helicopter no less, and having a real-life fire engine visit him at home. Stanley is their hero and will forever live in their hearts. 

Stanley, forever 2 

Stanley's legacy

Stanley’s mum and dad, Sarah and Paul created a fund at Solving Kids’ Cancer UK to raise money in memory of their gorgeous son and continue his legacy. The money raised is used to fund innovative neuroblastoma research to enable children to beat the disease in the future.

In 2018, Smiles for Stanley helped to fund crucial research into finding biomarkers of poor survival in cases of high-risk neuroblastoma.  

The BORNEO project will gather and collate important data from global research studies, which could help to identify biological markers that indicate a poorer chance of survival. Having this knowledge right from the time of diagnosis would mean that a wider set of options could be offered straight away, with the hopes of improving a child’s outlook. Follow Smiles for Stanley on social media. 

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A donation to the Smilies for Stanley Fund will help fund innovative neuroblastoma research to enable children like Stanley to beat the disease in the future.

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“Stanley George may have only been with us for two years and 11 days, but his amazing smile and wonderful character touched the lives of many people and continue to inspire so many today.”

Stanley’s mum and dad, Sarah and Paul

The research continuing Stanley's legacy 

Identifying markers of poor survival in high-risk neuroblastoma

This project is aiming to better collect and use data from existing trials to find markers for disease with especially poor survival.

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Terms and conditions 

Solving Kids’ Cancer makes no deductions from donations made to the Smiles for Stanley Fund. 100% of the funds raised are restricted for the funding of research grants, research-related activities of the charity in accordance with Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) guidelines and support costs to cover the purchase of branded merchandise and fundraising activities dedicated to raising money solely for the Smiles for Stanley Fund. 

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Merry Christmas to our Santa Stanley xx

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Just posted a comment on LinkedIn but my heart goes out to you both what a beautiful boy x

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Merry Christmas, beautiful boy xxx

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for the lovely Stanley George Apple and his unforgettable smile xx

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Remembering your beautiful smile and wonderful personality today.


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