Teddy is seven years old, in remission and thriving! He started school in September 2021 and loves reading, spending time on the beach, eating ice cream and playing with little brothers, Rafferty and Sonny. His oncologist described him as doing ‘extremely well’.

Teddy’s story 

Teddy was diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma at just 16 months old, a few days after a mass was identified in his stomach. At the same time, Teddy also started to go downhill fast, struggling to breathe with his lungs full of liquid. It was a very low point for the family – they hadn’t seen him smile in so long and wondered if they would again. Teddy was transferred to intensive care and after a few rounds of chemotherapy, fortunately they started to see glimmers of the Teddy they knew reappearing.  

Teddy went through frontline treatment in the UK and completed immunotherapy in Barcelona. After this and thanks to Teddy’s wonderful community of support, funds raised meant that his family were able to fulfil their wishes of enrolling him on the bivalent vaccine trial in New York. He completed the trial in 2020 and remains in remission.

"We still think often of all the amazing people who supported us in so many ways and helped raise the money to get this guy the treatment he needed. We will forever be grateful you helped us to achieve a normal and healthy life for Teddy."

Teddy’s parents, Jamie and Emma

Solving Kids' Cancer UK's children's fundraising campaigns 

Teddy's fundraising campaign for access to treatment raised £397,600 before it was closed. Funds raised through a child's fundraising campaign are spent on their treatment and pastoral needs. Any remaining funds, and all funds raised after five years post the end of the child's treatment, are used to support other children and families through Solving Kids' Cancer UK's activities.