Always remembering

Vanessa Riddle

Vanessa’s infectious and warm personality captivated the hearts of many far and wide. ‘Wee V’ as she was affectionately known to her family, took everything in her stride and always with a smile. She was a gutsy and happy young woman.

Vanessa’s story  

Vanessa was first diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma in 2009. After undergoing frontline treatment, she managed to beat the disease and get into remission. 

However, she relapsed in December 2011 and was given a less than 10% chance of survival. As there was no relapse protocol for her available in the UK, her parents - Chris and Connie - immediately launched a fundraising appeal with Solving Kids’ Cancer UK (then the Neuroblastoma Alliance UK) to raise the funds needed for Vanessa to access treatment abroad. 

Following further tests and consultations after the relapse, Vanessa was found to be a good candidate for a treatment in Germany, a Haploidentical Stem Cell transplant, which she started in August 2012. 

By January 2013, the family were told that Vanessa’s cancer was in remission. She was able to go back to school and start living a normal life again. 

But in 2014, the neuroblastoma returned. The family decided that their best hope was to receive further treatment back in Germany, so enrolled Vanessa onto an immunotherapy trial with NK (Natural Killer cells).  

Devastatingly, while on a family holiday in the summer of 2015, Vanessa became symptomatic and new areas of disease were discovered. 

Vanessa was treated at her primary treating centre in Scotland with radiotherapy and by the Autumn of 2016, a slot was available for her to join the CAR T Cell trial at Great Ormond Street Hospital.  

Vanessa passed away on 1st June 2018, surrounded by her dear family. 

"It’s with immense sadness that I write this post. This morning, our beautiful daughter Vanessa passed away peacefully at home with Connie, Olivia and I. Vanessa has been such a huge inspiration to many and will continue to live on in our hearts forever."

Vanessa’s family

Donate in loving memory of Vanessa

A donation in memory of Vanessa, will help precious children and young people like her and their families.

Donate in loving memory

Donations made in loving memory of children 

Funds raised in loving memory of Vanessa will be used to support other children like Vanessa and their families through Solving Kids' Cancer UK's activities. Any funds raised through a previous fundraising campaign for access to treatment which were not spent on the child's treatment and pastoral needs are used to support other children and families through Solving Kids' Cancer UK's activities.

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With thanks to Gill, Berry, and Squadron Prints for their support

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Thanks for a great flight, catch up and all in aid of a great cause.


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Thank you for taking me flying Derek - Fly High Wee V xx


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Flying high with WEEV


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In memory of Vanessa and Muriel flying high and watching over us. Thank you Derek for taking Matthew up in Wee v and putting the biggest smile on his face.


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After an amazing day out courtesy of Derek in the amazing Wee Vans, it's my pleasure to make a donation in support of such a fantastic cause and dedicate it to the memory of an even more amazing 'Wee V'! We all live in hope that someday we can eliminate the absolute horror that is Child Cancer.


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Fly high Wee V ??


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For beautiful Vanessa and for my brave nephew Alex ??????


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Thank you for taking me flying, Derek! Hope this little flight helps a big cause! ??


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Thanks to WEEV and Derek Pake for an amazing day. Such a worthwhile donation'


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A wonderful cause in memory of this brave young lady. And thank you Derek for giving Luke a flight to remember in Wee V.


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Many thanks to Derek for a fab Wee Vans trip for Barrie! Very much appreciated.


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A donation to your amazing cause as a thank you from Guy & KT to Derek Pake for a flight over our home and Glencoe on 'Spirit of Wee V' WeeVans RV. It was such a wonderful experience.


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A wee contribution after once again having flown in The Spirit of Wee V.


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Many thanks to Derek for a fabulous WeeV experience as we flew around the west coast of Scotland. What a fabulous job he is doing in bringing so many WeeV grins to folk in an effort to support this fabulous charity in memory of one special little girl.

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A very worthwhile cause. Here's to you "Wee-V".

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Many thanks to Derek Pake for an amazing flight experience today in the Spirit of Wee V aircraft

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Many thanks to Derek Pake for an amazing day of flying in the Spirit of Wee V aircraft.

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