Eden was diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma in April 2021, just a month after her 6th birthday. A couple of weeks before diagnosis, she had been complaining of pains in her legs which her parents had put down to growing pains. When Eden’s mum, Jen, contacted the GP’s surgery, she was offered a telephone appointment only and the doctor agreed it was growing pains. After returning to school after the half-term break, Eden was sent home on two consecutive days drip-white and shivering, her parents realised there was more to it than just the windows in school being open for ventilation.

Eden was taken to A&E where she was X-rayed and told to attend a paediatric orthopaedics appointment later that week. The doctor ordered urgent blood tests and then an MRI scan which was immediately followed by a CT scan. Her parents were then told the devastating news that Eden had cancer.

Eden’s family are fundraising with the hope that if eligible, Eden can access the Bivalent Vaccine clinical trial in New York once she has completed her frontline treatment.

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