Henry is a brave and wonderful 5 year old from Nottingham who was diagnosed with High Risk Stage 4 Neuroblastoma in June 2019. Henry and his family are looking to raise £202k by Christmas 2020 for treatment that sadly isn't available on the NHS.

I have decided to do a Triathlon to raise money for Henry because I want to be just as brave as he is! I will be running, cycling and swimming long distances all in one day. This will be no mean feat, and anyone that knows me will know I don't run unless it's to the buffet!
However, it is vital that we take every opportunity presented to us, and even create our own, to make sure Henry receives the treatment he needs.

This year has been incredibly challenging for everyone, however here is an opportunity for us to pull together and do something amazing! Your donations, however large or small, will make a life-changing difference.

Henry's family and I thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity in your donations. Olivia Hyde