Kids Get Cancer Too

A manifesto to accelerate clinical research into children's cancers.

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Cancers in children are distinctly different to those in adults. More than 4000 people younger than 25 years old are diagnosed annually in the UK. Whilst progress has been made in treating childhood cancers more effectively, still more than 80% of deaths from disease in those younger than 16 years old are caused by cancer. For those that do survive, the high toxicity of current therapies leaves them with life-altering side effects that continue into adulthood.

To improve this, newer, more effective treatments are needed that can only come from robust clinical research. Barriers and bottlenecks in the UK healthcare system are currently hindering progress, at the cost of children and their families.

We have identified four key priorities that have the potential to transform this landscape so that children and families affected by cancer are better served by the UK healthcare system. We are calling for a focused effort by the next Government on these priorities, in collaboration with stakeholders from across the sector, to bring the real and impactful change that is desperately needed.

In order to achieve these priorities, action is needed. That's why we're calling on the next Government to carry out the following activities to bring tangible change and impact:

Our asks of the next Government

  • Continue the momentum behind the newly established Children and Young People Cancer Taskforce and ensure that clinical research is a key area of focus and that the Taskforce is sufficiently resourced to bring impact.

  • Conduct an independent review of the paediatric cancer clinical trial landscape and investment profile, incorporating patient and parent voice.

  • Establish a dedicated working group to implement robust benchmarking and metrics to record trial mobilisation and recruitment in the paediatric population.
  • Issue specific guidance to Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) requiring that clinical trials for rare diseases, even where these trials are non-commercial, are not de-prioritised.

  • Ensure sufficient investment in the NHS workforce and infrastructure that specifically protects its capacity to sustainably deliver clinical research for children with cancer.

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Kids Get Cancer Too Manifesto

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Solving Kids' Cancer UK's manifesto to accelerate clinical research into children's cancers.

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