Our partnership with Sumo Group

Our partnership with Sumo Group is thanks to Carl Cavers, Chief Executive Officer of Sumo Group. 

Carl first reached out to Solving Kids’ Cancer UK following our call to the gaming community to make a seemingly impossible wish come true for the inspirational young man, Luke. Carl's support at this time helped us to realise this wish for Luke and since then, Carl and Sumo Group have gone on to provide the most incredible support and opportunities to Solving Kids’ Cancer UK. 

“We are in a privileged position as games developers, not only can we help by donating financially, but we can help bring a measure of joy to these children’s lives, as they and their families navigate such a challenging time. Solving Kids' Cancer UK is accomplishing so much, and I’m determined to help raise awareness for this deserving charity.”

Carl Cavers, CEO of Sumo Group.

Sumo Group's support to Solving Kids’ Cancer UK 

Our Care & Connect Family Support bags were able to launch thanks to Sumo Group's generous donation. The bags are carefully created for every family with a neuroblastoma diagnosis, with every bag containing specially selected items to support families during their hospital stays as well as items to provide comfort and entertainment. Sumo Group's very own Head of IT Service Delivery, Stacey Smith, also sourced and gifted 100 tablets to Solving Kids' Cancer UK to include in the bags. In recognition of Stacey's enormous personal efforts, we awarded Stacey with a Solving Kids' Cancer UK Hero Award at our Christmas Carol Concert 2022.

"Stacey’s endeavours to provide tablets for Solving Kids' Cancer UK's Care & Connect Support Bags has been incredible and we cannot thank her enough. This is a project we have long dreamed of launching and because of the generosity of people like Stacey, alongside all of the wonderful people at Sumo Group, we can now make it happen. The tablets will provide so much joy, happiness and entertainment to children in their darkest days. It will enable these children to feel connected to the world outside hospital and importantly, be a distraction from the pain and discomfort of treatment they have to endure."

Gail Jackson, CEO, Solving Kids' Cancer UK

Sumo Group has lent their video editing and production expertise and resources to Solving Kids’ Cancer UK, enabling the charity to produce a new charity film that will help enhance our profile and raise awareness of neuroblastoma and the support we provide. 

Carl Cavers is a keen racer and has a Solving Kids’ Cancer UK wrap on his car that he races at events all over the world, raising awareness of the charity. Carl and Sumo Group have also helped us put on our biggest event to date – British Racing Greats. In partnership with SpecialEffect, another charity supported by Sumo Group, British Racing Greats is a new fundraising and awareness event celebrating the greatest racing games ever made. 

Solving Kids’ Cancer UK has strong working relationships with members of Sumo Group and we are fortunate enough to have support at all our events from the Sumo Group team. They have recently helped arrange and set up the Christmas Carol Concert, participated at the Royal Parks Half Marathon, and will be at many more events this year.

Our support to Sumo Group 

Sumo Group is a high-profile company that benefits from meeting corporate social responsibility goals by providing support to Solving Kids’ Cancer UK and the neuroblastoma community. This has also helped shine a light on the positive impact that the gaming industry and the surrounding community can have on people. 

Sumo Group has credited the Solving Kids' Cancer UK events with helping build their team morale and spirit as well as allowing them to support a worthy cause. Solving Kids’ Cancer UK has also provided support at Sumo Group's events. 

Interested in partnering? 

If your company is interested in becoming partners with Solving Kids' Cancer UK, please contact our Relationship Manager, Anna by emailing anna.austin@solvingkidscancer.org.uk or get in touch via our online form.