Lottie was diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma at just two and a half years old. After responding well to frontline treatment Lottie's family decided to enrol her on the Bivalent Vaccine clinical trial which she completed in 2018.
Charlotte, Lottie’s mum shared with us a wish Lottie had written recently on a day out and an update on how she is doing.
‘I wish my cancer stays away'.
“Lottie has lots of regular check-ups because the long-term effects of treatment are still unknown. She’s now 4 years into her remission phase.
Covid and shielding hit Lottie hard, as following government guidelines we shielded for the first 12 weeks, with Lottie being home-schooled by me. During this time, she missed her friends dearly and became convinced she was poorly again. She was scared of the front doorbell and would hide if she heard it. Lottie is so resilient, she suffers with anxiety over many things, but we always try to help her through this.
Her recent scan showed the damage to her liver is slowing, and whilst it’s still not great it hasn’t got any worse which is brilliant. It also showed no new tumours.
Recently Lottie has been complaining of leg pain and we noticed a lump on the side of her right leg. Her consultant was excellent and quickly ordered an X-ray, which showed the bone is ok but there is something there so we’re waiting for an MRI.
Even through all this, Lottie remains one of the happiest children, her sense of humour is brilliant and she’s strong-willed and determined. After 2 years of practice, Lottie can finally do a seated bounce on a trampoline!

She has gained 2 stepbrothers and a stepsister and is incredibly excited to be a bridesmaid for Mummy and Wesley next year, and has been helping me find a wedding dress!
From being able to skip to remembering information, lots of things have been impacted by treatment, but Lottie never gives up. As her mummy to see her thrive is truly incredible, I’ll never be able to express the feeling of gratitude to those that supported us when we needed them most. Sometimes we forget how wonderful people can be”.
Lottie’s wish is a reminder of why we do what we do at Solving Kids' Cancer. Working tirelessly to end the suffering caused by neuroblastoma and we will not stop. A huge thank you to Charlotte for sharing this update with us 💛