Solving Kids’ Cancer UK announces partnership with The Cancer Awareness Trust

The Cancer Awareness Trust has today announced Solving Kids’ Cancer UK as a Founding Partner of The Cancer Platform initiative.

The Cancer Platform, owned and designed by The Cancer Awareness Trust, sets out to transform the cancer journey for everyone with a free-to-use global website and app for those affected by cancer. All trusted information, services and products will be in one place, making it quick and easy to find the specific things that will help transform an individual’s cancer journey, personalised to them and their stage of diagnosis or treatment.

Solving Kids’ Cancer UK advocates and campaigns for greater and better access to treatments that will improve survival and quality-of-life for children with cancer. It initiates and funds research into innovative new therapies to cure more children with neuroblastoma. There are too few clinical trials open to children with cancer around the world. The systems to help families and health professionals find those that do exist are poorly designed and quite often not joined up. This leaves people desperately searching for available treatment options at a time of crisis.

Solving Kids’ Cancer UK will therefore bring their extensive expertise and experience of working closely with families affected by childhood cancer to The Cancer Platform, with the aim of ensuring families can find a wide range of services and information that can support them.

This unique collaboration with The Cancer Awareness Trust will help enhance the work and progress being made by The Cancer Platform and enable it to transform the cancer journey for children and their families. To do this, The Cancer Awareness Trust and Solving Kids’ Cancer UK are raising funds to employ a technical expert to specifically work on a user journey and platform development that will result in a searchable database of options for children affected by cancer.

“For parents of children with cancer, access to accurate, up-to-date information about available clinical trials is an absolute necessity. Making sure this is available to everyone regardless of location, treatment centre, or clinician, will mean as many children as possible having the opportunity to access a clinical trial and provide reassurance to families that every option that might benefit their child is explored.”

Gail Jackson, CEO of Solving Kids' Cancer UK

Whilst the focus will initially be on supporting children here in the UK, developing this in collaboration with The Cancer Awareness Trust will set the foundations for how this is rolled out globally at a later date.

“Finding information when you have cancer as an adult is incredibly stressful,” said Professor Chris Evans, Co-Founder of The Cancer Awareness Trust. “As a parent or someone caring for a child with cancer, it’s even worse. The Cancer Awareness Trust is committed to helping families get the best information and support they can and the partnership with Solving Kids’ Cancer UK will get us a big step closer to delivering on that ambition. I am very much looking forward to working with Gail and the team on this important live collaboration.”

To find out more or to support this collaboration, email us at communications@solvingkidscancer.org.uk

To find out more about The Cancer Platform, visit their website.