On February 4th 2022, World Cancer Day, Sajid Javid announced the launch of a 'war on cancer' - signalling a renewed ambition and prioritisation of tackling cancer.

As part of this, he also opened a Call for Evidence to help inform the new 10-year Cancer Plan- seeking views from individuals and organisations to understand how the government can do more to progress improvements to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

This invitation is welcomed by cancer organisations, providing it is considered genuinely and is translated to tangible goals. We have joined with 54 other cancer charities as One Cancer Voice, issuing a statement that details 10 tests that the 10-year Cancer Plan must meet in order for it to bring real and effective change.

In summary, these tests aim to ensure that current inequalities that hinder improvements to cancer care are addressed and that there is meaningful and transparent engagement from the government as they launch this 'war on cancer'.

Read the full One Cancer Voice statement here.