Solving Kids’ Cancer UK announces three-year charity partnership with Julius Baer International Ltd

Solving Kids’ Cancer UK, a leading childhood cancer charity fighting for a future where no child dies of neuroblastoma or suffers due to the treatment they receive, is proud to announce a significant three-year charity partnership with Julius Baer International Ltd, the UK entity of one of the world’s leading wealth management firms. 

This strategic alliance signifies a mutual commitment to supporting families affected by childhood cancer, advancing research for better outcomes for children now and in the future and driving awareness while advocating for positive change.  

Gail Jackson, CEO of Solving Kids’ Cancer UK, said: 

“We were absolutely thrilled to be selected as Julius Baer International Ltd’s charity partner, it is such an honour and a privilege. We feel that our two organisations are so well matched, given we are both values and people-led in our approaches. We describe our charity as small but mighty, which means a partnership like this, and the money raised, will have a transformative impact on the families and children we support. Julius Baer International Ltd’s trust and support mean the world, and we cannot thank them enough for this wonderful opportunity. We are so excited about what we can achieve together on behalf of children with cancer and their families.”

“Our employees chose to partner with Solving Kids’ Cancer UK due to the vital work they do to help those affected by the aggressive and deadly childhood cancer, neuroblastoma. This family-led and family-focused organisation aligns with our own efforts to create personal, long-term relationships with families and this partnership will help us live out our company purpose to “create value beyond wealth”. Given the lack of investment into childhood cancer research, we hope our fundraising, sponsoring and volunteering will have a substantial impact on the charity’s ability to fund research, support families and raise awareness of childhood cancer.”

David Durlacher, CEO of Julius Baer International Ltd

The partnership demonstrates both organisation's dedication to creating a brighter future for families and children affected by childhood cancer. 

For media enquiries please contact: 

Danielle Russell, Head of Fundraising and Engagement at Solving Kids’ Cancer UK, email: danielle.russell@solvingkidscancer.org.uk Tel: 020 4582 7396 

About Julius Baer International Ltd.

Julius Baer International Limited is a UK-based wealth manager and forms part of the Julius Baer Group. The company provides wealth management services, namely discretionary management, wealth planning and investment advisory to private clients from its domestic locations in Belfast, Edinburgh, Leeds, London, Manchester, and Newcastle. 

For more information visit our website at www.juliusbaer.com