Solving Kids’ Cancer UK Care & Connect Family Support Bags

We are delighted to launch our Solving Kids’ Cancer UK Care & Connect Family Support Bags.  These support bags have been carefully created, with help from the neuroblastoma parent community to ensure they contain items to support children and families during their hospital stays and during treatment. Alongside practical items and essentials, the bags also contain items to provide entertainment and comfort. We want to ensure every family feels supported and connected to each other, the neuroblastoma community and to us.

"Our new Care & Connect Family Support bags have been developed to ensure children and families affected by neuroblastoma know they are cared for and feel connected to a wider community. With the children and families firmly at the heart of this initiative, it’s been a real team effort to create these bags with the support of our community. In this way we are confident that the carefully thought through items provided, will meet practical and emotional needs of families at a time when they need it the most as well as helping to reduce the feeling of isolation.”

Vicky Inglis, Head of Family Support

Solving Kids' Cancer UK Care & Connect Support Bags

Our Family Support Service is dedicated to the neuroblastoma parent community in the UK. The team blends personal experience, as parents of children affected by neuroblastoma, with professional experience and they provide expert advice on practical, financial and emotional burdens, and guidance on difficult decision-making - driven by their own experiences as neuroblastoma parents and expertise gained through many years of working with the clinical and research communities. Our service focuses on the here-and-now, easing the immediate burdens and pressures that a diagnosis brings. The development of our Care & Connect Family Support bags has been informed by families to ensure other families facing diagnosis are connected and supported no matter the challenges they are facing. 

“Thank you to everyone at Solving Kids’ Cancer UK for being the first recipients of one of your Care and Connect Family Support Bags. Every item in the bag was so well thought of and really useful to have when spending so much time at hospital. We really do appreciate all of you your help.”

Nathan, whose family received a Care & Connect Family Support Bag.

Each bag includes items such as a thermometer, Vitamin E Cream, Notebook, Tote bag and a wiggly bag – for central lines. They also contain an Amazon Fire Tablet, Scamp & Dude Scarf, and Super Hero Sleep Buddy, books, play sets, eye mask and very special personalised items from Burnt Peach, as well as other items to help and support you.  

Creating these bags really has been a community-wide effort and we are so grateful to all who are supporting this wonderful initiative. Our thanks to the families, who let us know what to include, to our corporate partners and companies for providing specially selected items and to SUMO Group for making this idea a reality.