Solving Kids' Cancer join European movement Unite2Cure

Solving Kids’ Cancer recently joined the European movement Unite2Cure, which is a parent-led network of groups and individuals from across Europe calling for better treatment and improved access to treatment for children and young people with cancer.  Solving Kids’ Cancer has become a supporting organisation of Unite2Cure because we recognise the benefits of campaigning on key changes with a louder voice to affect change.

Representatives from Solving Kids’ Cancer met with core members of the Unite2Cure group at the recent Paediatric Oncology Conference in Brussels, where all stakeholders (parents, survivors, patient advocates, academia, regulatory bodies, the pharmaceutical industry and policymakers alike) discussed the key issues and more importantly, what we can do about them.  Unite2Cure will lead a vocal campaign for change, combining the findings and recommendations of this multi-stakeholder platform.

You can add your voice to the Unite2Cure movement by signing their petition. In doing this you will be publicly declaring your desire for the current European Medicines Agency Paediatric Regulation to change in order to save the lives of more children and teenagers affected by cancer.

While Unite2Cure is in the process of formulating a strategic plan on how best to bring its goals to the fore within each European member state, you can share any ideas you have with Leona at Leona@solvingkidscancer.org.uk or contact the Unite2Cure network directly at unite2cure@gmail.com.