Solving Kids’ Cancer UK joins the Coalition Against Childhood Cancer

Today we are excited to announce our membership in the Coalition Against Childhood Cancer (CAC2). CAC2 is a collective of organisations who fight against the devastation caused by a range of childhood cancers. The mission of the coalition is to effectively advance a variety of childhood cancer causes by unifying the childhood cancer community across North America and Europe. 

Solving Kids’ Cancer UK has always championed international collaboration to advance our efforts in the fight against neuroblastoma. The apparent rarity of childhood cancers including neuroblastoma can often be a significant hurdle to advances in research and care. This means that pooling resources and bringing like-minds together is vital to achieve the various missions against childhood cancer- which are often dictated by issues that affect the whole landscape.

"The values behind CAC2’s work are much like our own- to put the children and their families first in everything they do. They are passionate in developing not only research into childhood cancers, but also strengthening family support and care, and advocacy work to bring patient voice and need to the forefront of progress."

Gail Jackson, CEO of Solving Kids' Cancer UK

With such similar pillars existing in our own work, we are eager to see the benefits that this new membership will bring to Solving Kids’ Cancer UK, as well as sharing our own expertise to grow and strengthen the collective force against the devastation of childhood cancer. 

Read more about the Coalition Against Childhood Cancer and their ongoing work here.