Supporting Decision Making - REDMAPP Study

When a child is diagnosed with neuroblastoma, there is a treatment protocol which guides parents and healthcare professionals through what treatment to give and when. At relapse there is no standard treatment protocol but various treatment options are available. Parents may have to make a series of repeated complex, and difficult decisions, about treatment over a course of months or years depending on their child's needs. This can cause worry and distress to families.

The REDMAPP research study aims to develop a decision aid to support parents when their child has relapsed neuroblastoma by first gaining a greater understanding of how parents make a series of repeated treatment-related decisions. It is vitally important to hear the voices of parents who are making these treatment decisions now, so we can improve how we support parents in the future. 

REDMAPP is an acronym for RElapse Decision MAking Parent Process.

REDMAPP Study Information


The REDMAPP study team is led by Helen Pearson, Chief Investigator, with oversight from the study's Patient Public Involvement Group and the Clinical Steering Group.

If you are a parent of a child with relapsed Neuroblastoma and have recently made a treatment related decision which you would be willing to talk about please contact Helen Pearson helenpearson1@nhs.net, to find out more about the study and research team visit www.redmappstudy.co.uk