Solving Kids’ Cancer has launched its UK based grant call for up to £60,000 to be awarded over a maximum of 2 years for initiatives focused on benefitting children in the UK with neuroblastoma. 

Our call this year will accept proposals under two different criteria: 

(1) Novel initiatives seeking to ease the burden or improve the experience for children going through treatment for neuroblastoma and/or their families in the UK. 

(2) Scientific studies to improve the understanding of neuroblastoma and/or development of new therapies in the UK. 

Proposals received will be subject to our robust, AMRC-accredited funding review process, involving our esteemed Scientific Advisory Board, neuroblastoma specialists and representatives from the patient community.

See the Request for Applications here.

Important Dates 

Monday 24th January 2022: Full proposals due 

March 2022: Grant Awards announced 

Harbouring research in the UK 

Solving Kids’ Cancer UK is a charity with international reach, however we also understand the importance of driving and facilitating more research into neuroblastoma here in the UK and supporting our UK research community. This is why we have committed to issuing UK-specific funding awards alongside our international calls since 2019. We hope that this will bring positive change to the treatment and care of children with neuroblastoma here in the UK as well as contribute to the bigger global picture that we strive to improve. 

Prioritising Advocacy for Children and Families 

The children and families affected by neuroblastoma are at the heart of all we do, and we are passionate that this is reflected in the way that we grow our research portfolio. This year we have made it a requisite of each award that a patient representative be appointed as part of the project group to ensure that patient voices and needs are amplified and prioritised throughout. 

In the call for novel initiatives to improve the experience for children going through treatment and/ or their families, we will also be putting a significant weighting on the views and thoughts of the patient community as part of the stringent funding review process. 

Everything we do is to bring the biggest change and impact for children and families affected by neuroblastoma, and fights for a future where their suffering ends.