It’s been twelve years since beautiful Jack passed.

Jack was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2005 when he was three years old. The neuroblastoma landscape was quite different back then, particularly for children who relapsed, as Jack did. His Mum and Dad, Richard and Yvonne, were devoted to researching and learning the science behind the disease and when Jack ran out of treatment options in the UK, they decided to fundraise with the 2 Simple Trust (now Solving Kids’ Cancer) for pioneering clinical trials abroad.

Worldwide attention

The charity was just starting out at the time and didn’t have the support structure in place to help the family fundraise. They were entirely responsible for engaging and mobilising supporters and through their dedicated efforts, Jack and his fundraising campaign captured worldwide attention and raised vast sums of funds. The family’s achievements led the way and inspired other families in similar situations to launch their own fundraising campaigns for their children.

Yvonne and Richard’s moving blog about Jack’s battle with the disease was also one of the first documented accounts from which other families affected by neuroblastoma could learn from and identify with.

Joining Against Cancer in Kids (J-A-C-K)

Today, Yvonne and Richard continue to work tirelessly to improve survival for children with neuroblastoma by funding neuroblastoma research through their own charity, J-A-C-K.