In loving memory of Ewen Liu

We are devastated to share the news that Ewen passed away on 28th September 2020.

Ewen’s story

Ewen is a happy and restless boy who runs everywhere. He loves trucks, cars and blowing dandelions. But this amazing little boy had his childhood interrupted by childhood cancer when he was diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma at the age of three-and-a-half.

Since then, Ewen has endured chemotherapy, surgery, bone marrow transplant and radiotherapy, and immunotherapy.

Recent scans showed that his cancer had returned in several places and Ewen now needs additional relapse treatment to try and get him into remission. 

“We cannot be any more grateful to each of you for helping us to reach this target,” says Emily.


Ewen was a very healthy child until he was diagnosed. But he started to get fevers and could not squat to pick up his toys. His symptoms would come and go, and any scans and tests didn’t reveal the tumour.

Finally, a bone marrow test was done. “We still remember when the doctor was talking with us, the nurse asked her to take a call. The doctor came back and asked us to go to another room. We immediately felt fear. We were told about the bad cells that had been identified in the bone marrow.”

There was an 11cm tumour in his belly and the cancer cells had spread to Ewen’s skull, femur, and bone marrow.

Ewen was then admitted to hospital to start his frontline treatment. After 100 days of high-dose chemotherapy, he was ready for surgery which lasted for eight hours. Then a series of other treatments followed.

Ewen experienced many side effects during these treatments, and he became fidgety and irritable due to the morphine. “It’s heart-breaking when your little boy cannot tell you how uncomfortable he is, but only wants a hug,” say Emily and Owen. During the chemotherapies and bone marrow transplant, Ewen could not eat and felt extreme pain that even morphine could not release. “But every time he recovered from the side effects, he became the naughty and fun kid we know and love.”

During his bone marrow transplant, this brave little boy endured 30 days in an isolated room, and he understood that he was fighting with ‘small monsters’ in his body.

Ewen’s fundraising campaign

Ewen’s parents, Emily and Owen, are fundraising with Solving Kids’ Cancer to give him the best chance of living cancer-free. They are appealing for your help to raise funds for his cancer treatment.

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