Always remembering 

The children and young people who have lost their lives to neuroblastoma drive our work and fuel our determination every day. Their legacies live on through the work of Solving Kids' Cancer UK and we will not stop until there is a future where no child dies of neuroblastoma or suffers due to the treatment they receive.

We will always remember...


Jude was a dinosaur and animal-loving little boy who warmed the hearts of so many with his smile and attitude. Forever 5 years.

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Full of sass, Beau was a kind, considerate and resilient six-year-old from Leeds who always found ways to live her best life. Forever 6 years.

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Isla was dinosaur mad and the biggest fan of Jurassic World. Isla loved to sing and dance and she was a huge fan of karaoke. Forever 7 years.

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Archie was a remarkable little boy. Hilariously funny, kind, absolutely beautiful and brave far beyond his years. Forever 2 years.


Superhero-loving Joseph was kind, funny and incredibly loving. With his beautiful smile everyone fell in love with him.  Forever 3 years.

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Smart and wise Rupert loved panto, dinosaurs and playing with his little sister, Margot. Forever 6 years.

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Fireman-loving Henry was a happy, loving and clever boy. He loved spending time and playing with his brother Oliver. Forever 7 years.

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Ollie was a happy and cheeky chilled-out boy who loved fire engines, Paw Patrol and Super Mario. Forever 4 years.

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Ewen was a happy and mischievous little boy, who adored trucks, cars, hugs and blowing dandelions.   Forever 5 years.


Cheeky and loving Jasmine was adored by her parents and older brother. She loved dancing and music. Forever 5 years.

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William was skilled in many things, and loved to be in the kitchen cooking or spending time gaming. Forever 12 years.

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Oliver was an incredible young boy and the biggest Lego and Star Wars fans. He loved spending time at the beach. Forever 6 years.

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Adventurous, happy and with lots of friends, Aaron was full of energy, enjoyed life, gaming and loved his cats. Forever 11 years.

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Jaymen was a happy, outgoing and loving little boy. He adored cars, Paw Patrol and being with big sister, Harlow. Forever 4 years.

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Tractor-loving Freddie never complained. He was always happy, full of cheekiness and fun. Forever 3 years.

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Superhero Denver was a cheeky and happy little boy full of charm and energy. Forever 4 years.

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Luke was kind, loving and cheeky. He was a keen gamer, particularly Roblox, Minecraft and Super Mario. Forever 8 years.

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Callum-Lee was the biggest superhero and action fan – his all-time favourite character was The Hulk. Forever 11 years.

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