Solving Kids’ Cancer is hugely grateful for the dedication, enthusiasm and hard work of corporate companies and their staff. By partnering with Solving Kids' Cancer, these companies help to fund our vital family support and research work.

Benefitting both organisations

We strongly believe that our partnerships should be mutually beneficial. If you choose to work with us, our dedicated team will work with you to build and enhance our relationship, while meeting your corporate social responsibility aims.

We will also create a bespoke calendar of events and team challenges to engage your staff and assist you in strengthening team morale.

Is your company interested in becoming partners with Solving Kids' Cancer? Please contact Catherine for chat on 0207 250 8153 or [email protected]

Current partners

We are currently being supported by some wonderful companies, their staff and customers including:

Nicholson Glover
Smith Eliot Financial Management Smith Eliot Financial Management logo
Scamp and Dude Scamp and Dude logo
Sparkle Child Sparkle Child logo
Charitable Travel
NatWest Natwest logo
PwC pwc logo
GamesAid GamesAid logo
Marks Sattin Marks Sattin logo
YmAbs Ymabs logo
Data Protection World Forum
McClure Solicitors