Solving Kids Cancer have managed to give me hope when I thought I had none!

My little girl was diagnosed with stage 4 high risk neuroblastoma in December 2021 and immediately underwent an intensive chemotherapy routine that saw her constantly sick and needing countless amount of blood and platelet transfusions. This was an alien world to me and my husband and our wider family and I found myself spinning in circles not knowing where to turn and being told DO NOT GOOGLE

Someone then suggested I make contact with SKC and I am so glad I did. They’ve helps me understand what exactly Dulcie is going and has yet to go through and not only that they are working with so many doctors, doing research and helping so many families get the help they need to ensure their little ones can have a happy and fulfilling full life

Please take the time to read how you can help, it’s only 5 minutes of your life but this is life 24/7

Thank you

Debra OKelly