10 families, 1 cancer

This Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, meet 10 families who share their experiences of neuroblastoma.

For Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Solving Kids' Cancer UK is launching the '10 families, 1 cancer' campaign, where we meet 10 different families, all of whom have been affected by neuroblastoma and who have a story to tell.

Their story will explore a different theme of neuroblastoma and, every week of September, we will share new stories which cover many different and thought-provoking topics.

Discover their stories and meet the families below.

The Lichten family

The impact that a neuroblastoma diagnosis, and consequent treatment, has had on their family.

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The Gentleman family

Exploring further treatment options for Flora with the support of Solving Kids' Cancer UK.

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The Thuraisingham family

Navigating lack of information, conflicting views and changes in disease.

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The Knox family

Setting up a named fund in Oscar's memory and funding vital clinical trials.

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The Farmer-Maia family

The experience of going through relapses, frontline treatment and the upheaval caused by clinical trials in New York and Rome

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The Nash family

The impact that Maya's diagnosis had on her relationship with her big sister.

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The Leaver family

The legacy that Jossie leaves and what the family hopes to see in terms of bereavement support in the future.

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The Thomas family

How Solving Kids’ Cancer UK supported the family and why they did not undergo maintenance therapy.

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The Virdee family

Post-treatment and potential long-term effects.

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The Hayes family

How Solving Kids’ Cancer UK helped Dylan and Norah navigate such a difficult time and help them access clinical trials for Alice.

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Ways you can give

Discover the ways in which you can donate to Solving Kids’ Cancer UK and support families affected by neuroblastoma.

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