Meet Ruben Hage, Solving Kids’ Cancer UK’s new partner

Last month, Solving Kids’ Cancer UK announced that this year it is partnering with Ruben Hage during his 2023 Ginetta GT Championship campaign.

The charity is extremely excited about this new partnership as it will help reach new audiences and increase awareness of neuroblastoma and the need to improve outcomes for families.

Ruben is a talented driver who has already had success across many different motorsport disciplines at the age of just 18 years old. His Ginetta GT Championship campaign this year has already got off to a flying start and, each race, the new Solving Kids’ Cancer UK logo can be seen on his Ginetta G56 GT Pro car.

Ruben first learned about the charity through Carl Cavers, a Solving Kids’ Cancer UK Patron. Carl himself is well-connected within the motorsport circuit and competes in many races. After hearing from Carl about the work that the charity does and the potential partnership that could be established, Ruben was excited to get involved and help raise awareness of neuroblastoma by using his own platform.

This is a partnership that promises to work well in terms of the audience that Ruben has and the links Solving Kids’ Cancer UK already has with the motorsport industry. Earlier this month, alongside Special Effect, Solving Kids’ Cancer UK was the charity beneficiary of the first ever British Racing Greats event that was very successful in raising money to help support families affected by neuroblastoma and raising awareness of the cause.

Despite already having success in the world of motorsport, Ruben is just 18 years old and having a young partner fits perfectly in terms of the young people that Solving Kids’ Cancer UK, and Ruben, want to help. He is part of an industry that is so supportive of charities like Solving Kids’ Cancer UK and Ruben hopes to be able to use his unique position to give back to the charity. For example, there will be opportunities to come along to the Ginetta GT Championship race weekends and watch Ruben in action. Keep an eye out on our social media channels to see how you could be in with a chance to be trackside to see Ruben race.

Check out the video below where you can hear from Ruben himself as he takes you behind the scenes during a race weekend. Ruben gives a brilliant snapshot of the world of motorsport and life of a racing driver.

Ruben Hage takes you behind the scenes on race weekend

Solving Kids’ Cancer UK can’t wait to follow Ruben during his campaign as well as see the impact of his support on families affected by neuroblastoma.