New funding for Senior Trial Coordinator post at Cancer Research Clinical Trials Unit

Solving Kids’ Cancer UK are pleased to announce renewed funding for the Cancer Research Clinical Trials Unit (CRCTU) at the University of Birmingham. This award extends support for the Senior Neuroblastoma Clinical Trials Coordinator role established in 2018 thanks to collaboration and funding from Solving Kids' Cancer UK.

Neuroblastoma is a very complex type of cancer, and as such, clinical research to find better treatments and care can be equally complicated. The Senior Neuroblastoma Clinical Trial Coordinator role was set up by Solving Kids' Cancer UK in 2018 as a pioneering approach to navigate some of the challenges that exist in setting up and running clinical trials for neuroblastoma in the UK. With initial funding for five years, the aim was to see how this new role could help to increase the capacity for delivering trials for children in the UK, with the hope of increasing the availability of studies for families in the UK.

We are now delighted to announce the extension of this funding for a minimum of 3 years following a successful reapplication from the CRCTU team.

“Establishing this important role within the CRCTU has not only allowed for a dedicated focus and expertise on neuroblastoma within the unit but has also strengthened our own knowledge on the inner workings of trial delivery in the UK. Our close working relationship with the Senior Trials Coordinator and their team is supporting our mission to accelerate research into better treatments in a very powerful way, and we are very pleased that this will continue thanks to this renewed funding.”

Gail Jackson, CEO Solving Kids’ Cancer UK

Given the impact this role has already had, especially in relation to addressing issues in delivering clinical trials, and improving children’s access to new therapies, we are excited to see how this will continue to develop over the next period of funding and beyond.

Professor Amos Burke, Director of Cancer Research Clinical Trials Unit at University of Bimringham said, "the funding from Solving Kids’ Cancer UK for a Senior Clinical Trials Coordinator supporting the neuroblastoma trials is vital to allow CRCTU to continue to develop and deliver trials that have the potential to change outcomes for children with high-risk neuroblastoma where improvements in the effectiveness of treatment at diagnosis as well as when initial treatment fails, are urgently needed.”

The funding for this vital role has been made possible through the generosity of our donors, partners, families and Named Funds.

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