Named funds

Each Solving Kids’ Cancer UK named fund honours and celebrates a child affected by neuroblastoma to help other children and their families.

Inspired by our pioneer named funds, the Oscar Knox Fund, the Smiles for Stanley Fund and the Alfie's Wishes Fund, our named funds have raised an incredible £555,443, making a difference to children fighting neuroblastoma now and in the future. 

By donating to one of our named funds, you will be supporting Solving Kids' Cancer UK to facilitate pioneering research, support families, and develop wider resources and share the latest information across the neuroblastoma community. 

Interested in setting up a named fund?

If you would like more information about our named funds, or would like to set up a fund in your child's name, please reach out to us on 0207 284 0800 or via

Current named funds 

Explore these beautifully unique named funds and click through to individual named funds to find out more about their impact and to make a donation. 

Milo's Voice Fund

Fundraising total£340.00

Milo’s Voice Fund has been created by Milo’s parents, Becky and Paul, after their four-year-old son was diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma in 2021. Milo is now a charming and funny six-year-old who loves animals and nature.

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The Isla Caton Fund

Fundraising total£208,438.61

The Isla Caton Fund has been created to raise money for pioneering research in memory of beautiful Isla who loved to sing and dance.

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Hannah's Heroes Fund

Fundraising total£3,361.30

Hannah’s Heroes Fund has been created in honour of beautiful Hannah Edwards by her mum, Clare, in support of other children and their families.

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Oscar Knox Fund

Fundraising total£273,545.16

The Oscar Knox Fund has been set up in memory of beautiful Oscar by his mum and dad, Leona and Stephen, to drive forward research to improve treatments and survival rates for children.

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The Alfie's Wishes Fund

Fundraising total£19,385.00

Inspired by Alfie, his family has set up The Alfie’s Wishes Fund to grant wishes to children affected by neuroblastoma without curative treatment options who are supported by Solving Kids’ Cancer UK.

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Smiles for Stanley Fund

Fundraising total£62,725.16

Stanley’s parents, Sarah and Paul created the Smiles for Stanley Fund to raise funds for pioneering research in memory of their gorgeous son.

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