Community Events and Fundraising Officer (fixed term) Recruitment Pack

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Find out more about the role, the charity and the team.

Community and Events Fundraising Officer (fixed term) application form

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Annual Report & Accounts 2023

9.0 MB

Solving Kids' Cancer UK's latest annual report and accounts summary, November 2023.

Raffle Terms and Conditions

196.1 KB

Read the terms and conditions for the Solving Kids' Cancer UK Christmas Raffle.

Spoonie Kids

538.8 KB

A resource to help helps professionals and parents to work with the child to understand how they can manage their fatigue so they are better able to participate in activities, but without pushing themselves too far.

NPGS Jargon Buster

278.2 KB

A handy tool for understanding terminology and reading charts.

How Solving Kids’ Cancer works with the Pharmaceutical Industry

Research, 21.5 KB

How Solving Kids’ Cancer works with the Pharmaceutical Industry

Rio's campaign poster

Rio's campaign poster, 150.1 KB

Rio's event poster

Rio's event poster, 112.6 KB

Rio's sponsorship form

Rio's sponsorship form, 161.9 KB

Community and Events Fundraising Officer (Fixed Term) Application Form

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Job application form for the Community and Events Fundraising Manager position at Solving Kids' Cancer UK.

Leonardo sponsorship form

Leonardo sponsorship form, 252.6 KB

Leonardo event poster

Leonardo event poster, 206.6 KB

Leonardo campaign poster

Leonardo campaign poster, 263.8 KB

HR Privacy Notice

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HR Privacy Notice for Solving Kids' Cancer UK.

Archie campaign sponsorship form

Archie sponsorship form, 202.3 KB

Archie campaign event poster

Archie event poster, 183.5 KB

Archie campaign poster

Archie campaign poster, 322.4 KB

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