Our vision

Solving Kids’ Cancer fights for a future where no child dies of the childhood cancer neuroblastoma or suffers due to its treatment.

Our mission

Helping those affected by neuroblastoma, an often aggressive and deadly childhood cancer, by:

Providing hope, information and support to families throughout their journeys
Facilitating access to treatment in partnership with clinicians and researchers
Advancing science through investment and clinical research
Advocating for more effective and less toxic treatments

Family support

We are there for families of children affected by neuroblastoma, providing support throughout their cancer journey and helping them with the widespread challenges they face.  

Access to treatment

We provide evidence-based and impartial information to help families choose treatment options for their child and to access treatments and clinical trials if they are not available on the NHS.  


We initiate and fund innovative clinical research, bringing more, better and less toxic treatment options to the UK for children fighting neuroblastoma now. Through this, we are determined to advance science and find a cure for future generations. 


We campaign and collaborate with the neuroblastoma community for the best treatment and care for children in the UK.  

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Our history

Solving Kids' Cancer started out as a foundation called the 2Simple Trust, set up in April 2006 to help a little boy called Jack Brown access a clinical trial in the USA to continue his neuroblastoma treatment. Jack had run out of treatment options here in the UK.

The success of Jack’s fundraising campaign saw the charity grow to help more and more families in need. Sadly, Jack passed away in 2009 but the 2Simple Trust's expansion culminated in becoming the Neuroblastoma Children’s Cancer Alliance UK in September 2011, where our role soon after expanded from fundraising support for families to encompass broader family support, plus funding for cutting edge research.

In 2015, years of interaction, sharing resources and working together on research projects with the New York charity, Solving Kids’ Cancer, saw us change our name to Solving Kids’ Cancer (Europe).

In recent years we became the first charity to ever successfully appeal a NICE decision and subsequently led a coalition of 13 other charities to campaign for the approval of immunotherapy treatment for children affected by neuroblastoma in the UK. 

Our five-year strategy

Following a comprehensive review of our direction and activities in 2017, Solving Kids' Cancer has produced a five-year blueprint for its work.

The charity focused its efforts on improving the lives of children and families affected by the childhood cancer neuroblastoma.

Along with the vision and mission above, the following priorities were agreed:

  1. Strengthen governance to successfully deliver the charity's mission
  2. Engage and inspire long-term public support in the charity and fight against neuroblastoma
  3. Review and enhance the charity's support offerings
  4. Facilitate access to the best available treatments and most promising clinical trials
  5. Support and enable best-in-class clinical research, accessible in the UK
  6. Harness the combined power and resources of the neuroblastoma community to most effectively advocate for, and work in support of, children and their families.

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