Meet Lara

Lara's son was diagnosed with neuroblastoma over 10 years ago, which is when she was first introduced to the charity. At the time. there were few charities around and very limited information online about the disease, so Lara had to actively seek out support from charities, not knowing where to look. Lara connected with Solving Kids' Cancer UK who became the first charity to support her during her son's diagnosis. She has been following and supporting the charity ever since.

Being a huge Take That fan, Lara has utilised her passion to inspire her fundraising. In 2020, Lara organised a Take That raffle to raise funds for Solving Kids' Cancer UK, and even received a painting created by Mark Owen to raffle! In 2021, Lara organised an incredible fan song for Mark's 50th birthday, which her and other fans from across the world wrote and performed. They sold copies of the CD in a limited edition cover to raise funds for the charity.

Lara is passionate about families being supported, and also funding new innovative research to bring hope and more options to families now and in the future. 

We are so grateful to Lara for her support!

"It means the world to be able to speak for the charity, for what it stands for. It’s important that people hear about neuroblastoma and how difficult it is and how far we are from having a cure for this disease. The more people we have on board, the more change we can make to the current situation. Every contribution helps."