We're fighting for a future where no child dies of neuroblastoma or suffers due to its treatment.

But this will not happen without clinical research, something we are actively initiating and funding.

We are committed to working with experts worldwide to proactively drive forward the development of more, better and less toxic treatment options, bringing them to the UK and Ireland for children fighting neuroblastoma now. Through this, we are determined to advance science and find a cure for future generations.

Our Research Strategy

At Solving Kids’ Cancer, we focus on clinical trials, research that is designed to find out whether a new experimental therapy is better than the current way of treating children. If it is, it can become standard care, helping more children and not just those on the trial.

Our research mission is to bring more effective and less harmful treatments into the clinic to benefit children. Despite intensive therapy, too few children are cured, and many that are suffer lifelong health problems. For this reason, we are actively pursuing the identification of groups of patients who might benefit from novel therapies earlier in the course of their disease.
We are working to impact frontline treatment – driving innovation and discovery of new treatment strategies – so that children are treated more effectively from diagnosis and experience less severe acute and long-term toxicities. For relapsed and refractory children every trial we fund is another option bringing hope to families, closer to home.
We have also established the Solving Kids' Cancer Senior Trials Coordinator at the University of Birmingham, a new role responsible for all neuroblastoma trials in the UK.

High-quality medical research

Our Scientific Advisory Board comprises of seven leading experts in childhood cancer. They help to guide our work.

We are also AMRC accredited, full membership that recognises the charity as funders of high quality and credible medical research. 

Being an AMRC member means the Department of Health meets all costs for local trial coordination and management, data collection and regulatory fees in NHS hospitals that open clinical trials we fund. It also means up to 20p of government money is added to every £1 we spend on academic research, making every penny we spend on research go as far as it possibly can.


Collaborating in partnership

We work with experts and like-minded charities around the world to do all we can for children affected by neuroblastoma because we believe that national and international collaboration speeds up the pace of research and pooling resources achieves more.

We aim to play a leading role in increasing, shaping, and accelerating neuroblastoma research in the UK, bringing insight from those impacted by neuroblastoma and working in partnership with others. Find out more about our funding partners and collaborative work.

Parent-led research advocacy

We don’t just initiate and fund research. We are a voice for children and their families and put that right at the heart of our research funding.
We identify unmet needs and challenge experts to work with us to address them through research. We use our influence and reputation as passionate advocates to help shape and steer research so that it puts children first - a concept known as Research Advocacy.