Jude is a Dinosaur and animal-loving three-year-old. He has a thirst for knowledge about how things work and why things happen. He loves Elton John and even received a Christmas card, present and video message from him!

He has warmed the hearts of so many with his smile and attitude towards everything that he has, and still is, going through.

In July 2021 Jude was diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma, a rare and aggressive childhood cancer that has a 40-50% chance of long-term survival at diagnosis.

Fiona, Michelle, Karolina, Garry, Sarah and Tiffany are currently fundraising to help put some pounds towards potentially lifesaving treatment for Sheffield boy Jude, to either help get him into remission or to try and keep the cancer away if his frontline treatment does go to plan. We will do this by walking the Sheffield Round Walk this Thursday (3.1.22).
If you can spare any pounds towards this worthy cause we would be so grateful.

Jude’s Story
In July 2021 Jude started to complain of pains in his legs, was struggling with walking, spiking temperatures, and having night sweats. After a few trips to A&E Jude was admitted to Sheffield Children’s Hospital for further investigations.
The evening before Jude’s third birthday his parents were told that a tumour had been found on his MRI scan.
Jude was officially diagnosed a few days later with high-risk neuroblastoma, with his cancer having already spread to other parts of his body.

Treatment So Far
Since his diagnosis, Jude has endured 90 days and 58 nights in hospital, including two in High Dependency, he’s had 21 days of having chemotherapy drugs infused, including COJEC treatment and high dose chemotherapy.

He’s also had 20 scans, 21 covid swabs, 66 injections into his thigh given by a nurse or mum, 13 anesthetics, 7 surgeries or procedures, including removal of his primary tumour, a stem cell transplant, 10 blood transfusions and 7 platelet transfusions. He has gone through 9 NG tubes and most recently has had to start wearing hearing aids due to chemo-induced hearing loss. He sadly spent part of his third birthday and the whole of Christmas 2021 in hospital. Even when Jude is at home the family still have visits from their outreach nurse, who has visited 43 times. He is about to start a three-week course of radiotherapy which will require a daily general anesthetic.
Once he has completed radiotherapy, Jude will then go onto immunotherapy treatment which is the last phase of frontline treatment available on the NHS.

Tiffany Green