Last year in the run up to turning three Jude spent hours in A&E and was finally admitted to hospital a few days before his birthday.

The day before his third birthday we were told he’d got cancer. He spent much of his birthday in a hospital bed. As his parents we were numb, we tried to make it as special as it could be but at that point it was hard to see past it potentially being his last one.

His birthdays will be even more special now because we are so aware of how lucky we are. There are far too many children who aren’t able to celebrate more birthdays.

To say he’s had a really tough year would be an understatement and has experienced things no one should have to experience never mind a 3 year old - chemotherapy, radiotherapy, stem cell harvest and transplant, hearing loss, major surgery, biopsies, nights in high dependency, nights in hospital, Christmas in hospital, not able to walk, not able to eat or drink, injections, transfusions, medication everyday.

Jude deserves a super special birthday this year and we also need to raise that all important money to get him to America.

The sellers at this event will have paid a fee to be there and that will be going to Jude’s campaign and we will also be collecting donations on the day.

It promises to be a fun filled family day. The Facebook event link
is where you will be able to keep up to date with what and who will be there ok the day.


Jude was diagnosed with High Risk Neuroblastoma the day before his third birthday last year. His diagnosis carried a 40-50% chance of long term survival. Jude has responded well to his treatment so far but the chance of relapse is high and should he relapse his chance of long term survival plummets to around 5%. We are fundraising to get him additional treatment if his NHS treatment has got him to remission by the time it’s finished.

Sarah Mcdonald