13 June 20235 MIN READ

Advances in Neuroblastoma Research conference 2023

Research Engagement and Advocacy Manager Emily recounts her time at the 2023 Advances in Neuroblastoma Research conference.

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20 March 20235 MIN READ

Meet the ACTION Consortium

Get to know the funding partners behind our biggest ever research funding call.

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13 December 20221 MIN READ

Dr Juliet Gray: Winner of the 2022 Research Hero Award

Celebrating the first Research Hero Award recipient - Dr Juliet Gray.

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22 November 20226 MIN READ

Neuroblastoma Parent Global Symposium 2022 Round-up

Research Engagement and Advocacy Manager, Emily, takes a deep dive into this year's NPGS sessions.

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5 October 20222 MIN READ

Research update- October 2022

Research and Digital Comms Officer, Emily, gives an update on what's going on in our research team.

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18 August 20223 MIN READ

From lab bench to Solving Kids' Cancer: Introducing Research Officer, Leah

Research Officer, Leah, shares her journey from Cancer Biologist to charity research.

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13 June 20222 MIN READ

Research update- June 2022

There are exciting things ahead with the upcoming launch of our new 5-year strategy and a growing research team

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2 March 20222 MIN READ

Research update- March 2022

In 2022 we are aiming to improve and increase patient representation in neuroblastoma research. This spotlight on research advocacy explains exactly what that means and how we will achieve it.

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17 January 20221 MIN READ

Relapse prevention therapies: an in-depth look

In this special edition of our research blog, Research Director and Chair of Trustees, Nick Bird, looks at the landscape of maintenance therapies and their accessibility in the UK.

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