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Tractor-loving Freddie never complained. He was always happy, full of cheekiness and fun. Freddie passed away when he was 3 years old.

Freddie’s story  

Freddie’s fight began when he was two years old, with trips to the doctors every couple of weeks. He wasn’t eating like usual, vomiting, losing weight, stopped sleeping through the night and became very clingy. 

Freddie’s symptoms worsened, and he was immediately sent to York District Hospital by his GP, where an ultrasound scan was carried out. His parents were taken into a room and their worst fears were confirmed, Freddie had cancer.

Freddie needed 80 days of chemotherapy, followed by surgery to remove the tumour, then a stem cell transplant. During these gruelling three months, Freddie was admitted to hospital with high temperatures and infections as a result of the chemotherapy's effects on his immune system. It all caused Freddie intense pain.  

His mum and dad couldn’t even hold him because of the pain in his spine from the neuroblastoma, Freddie would say it hurt when he was sat or standing. It was heart breaking for them when their little boy was feeling poorly and needed comforting but was in too much pain for a hug.

Freddie spent a long time on the isolation ward, having had high-dose chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant, he was the most poorly he had been throughout his 6-month fight.  

Freddie’s parents, Emily and Phillip were fundraising should Freddie have needed any further treatment that wasn't available on the NHS. 

Sadly Freddie passed away on 3rd December 2019. 

"It breaks our hearts to let you know Freddie passed away yesterday. Our beautiful, brave boy fought until the end but his little body just didn't have the strength to fight anymore. He passed peacefully surrounded by family and those who loved him dearly."

Freddie's parents

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Funds raised in loving memory of Freddie will be used to support other children like Freddie and their families through Solving Kids' Cancer UK's activities. Any funds raised through a previous fundraising campaign for access to treatment which were not spent on the child's treatment and pastoral needs are used to support other children and families through Solving Kids' Cancer UK's activities.

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