Doing it for Jude!!!!

I’m fundraising in support of four year old Jude who is fighting neuroblastoma, a rare and aggressive childhood cancer.

Fundraising total£56.10

Why I'm fundraising

Jude is the most amazing little boy I know and his parents I don’t have words!! Please donate even if it is just £1! This means so much to me and his family. Jude does not deserve this and neither does his family so let’s all come together and do as much as we can. Elton John if you can see this do your bit!! Please everyone donate xxx

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A donation to Stacey's fundraising page could help Jude access potentially life-saving treatment in the future that is not available through the NHS.

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Meet Jude

Jude is a dinosaur and animal-loving four-year-old who has warmed the hearts of so many with his smile. In July 2021, he was diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma, a rare and aggressive childhood cancer that has a 40-50% chance of long-term survival at diagnosis. Jude completed treatment in November 2022, but sadly his cancer returned - he had significant disease on his brain, around his neck and in the whole length of his spine.

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Donations and comments

Donna Womack £5.10

Donated on: 28th January 2023

Well done from Tracey Stevens

Timothy Womack£20.40

Donated on: 14th January 2023

Hannah Bennett£10.20

Donated on: 11th January 2023

Donna Womack £20.40

Donated on: 4th January 2023