Solving Kids' Cancer UK releases new charity film

It is our pleasure to share with you our brand-new charity film.

In the film, you will see for yourself exactly what Solving Kids’ Cancer UK is all about, and why the work that we do is so vitally important to children affected by neuroblastoma and their families.

You will hear from some wonderful families who have been supported by Solving Kids’ Cancer UK, and we’re so grateful to them for sharing their stories with us on camera.

It is thanks to Solving Kids’ Cancer UK Patron, Carl Cavers, and the incredible Sumo Group team that we have such a beautiful film to showcase the work that we do. Thank you to everyone at Sumo for all of your support.

We hope you enjoy the film – please let us know in the comments what you think.

Solving Kids' Cancer UK charity film

Message of hope

We have also released a new video titled 'Message of Hope', where you can hear from Charlie, Reuben, Eva, Isla and Anya; incredibly brave children who have been supported by Solving Kids' Cancer UK throughout their journey with neuroblastoma.

They explain what life has been like since their neuroblastoma diagnosis and how Solving Kids' Cancer UK has helped them.

Children's message of hope