Funding vital clinical trials in Oscar's name

The Knox family

Oscar was a kind, funny, sweet and charismatic little boy. He loved Scooby-Doo, Tree Fu Tom and playing with little sister Izzie. They both loved Peppa Pig, and chasing each other around the house, playing their own version of hide and seek. In 2012, Oscar was diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma which had spread throughout his body. Oscar’s long battle with neuroblastoma ended on 8th May 2014, aged just five years old. 

The Oscar Knox Fund has been set up by Oscar's parents, Leona and Stephen, in his memory to raise money to drive research forward and improve treatments and survival rates for children fighting this disease.

Stephen, Oscar’s dad, shares the legacy left by Oscar and the impact of the Oscar Knox Fund: 

“When Oscar died, we couldn’t just turn our backs on neuroblastoma.

“We saw how much he suffered and felt compelled to do something to help other children. We wanted to use our experience and the incredible amount of love and support for Oscar to help find more effective treatments.  

Tapping into huge support base 

“Setting up the Oscar Knox Fund was a great way to tap into that huge support base and raise vital funds for research."

"Having a named fund at Solving Kids’ Cancer UK meant that we could focus on Oscar's memory, knowing that all funds raised would be invested in research that would have the most impact for children."

“In the seven years since setting up the Oscar Knox Fund, we have raised over £270,000 for neuroblastoma research and co-funded three innovative projects which move us a step closer to improving treatment for all children. These projects include identifying ways to overcome chemotherapy-resistant neuroblastoma and enhancing the effectiveness of immunotherapy. We're very proud to still have support from our community to help other children in Oscar's name.” 

Making a real difference 

“We live in the knowledge that some children will survive thanks to the research we are helping to fund, which is amazing, but it's not enough. One day every child will receive the precise treatment they need to cure their disease and our ultimate goal, along with so many others, is to get there faster.  

“We want to grow this momentum to fund childhood cancer research and especially clinical trials, which are the only way to test whether potential new treatments will have any impact for children. We hope the Oscar Knox Fund will be part of Oscar's enormous legacy for many years to come and make a real difference for other precious children just like him.” 

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